Interested in ATMC Bringing Faster Internet To Columbus County?


(Hallsboro, Tabor City, Clarkton, Lake Waccamaw & Northern Columbus County)

ATMC has submitted an application to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for a ReConnect Broadband Grant in hopes of receiving funding to provide high speed internet service to over 2,700 homes and businesses located near Hallsboro, Tabor City, Clarkton, Lake Waccamaw and Northern Columbus County. With more than $635 million requested from companies across 33 states, ATMC is one of 53 applicants competing for $200 million in funding from the USDA. ATMC’s application totaled $15.87 million and will require the company to invest $7.9 million of its own funds in the project. If selected, ATMC will provide voice, video and internet with speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second delivered over a 100% fiber optic network.

Thank you to the residents, farmers, business owners and community leaders that sent in support letters for this project. These letters were submitted along with ATMC’s application to better demonstrate how transformative receiving grant funds would be for those living and doing business there.

ReConnect awards are expected to be announced by the USDA late this year. To stay up to date on news surrounding ATMC’s application, continue to check this page or call 910-754-4311.


  ReConnect Grant 2019


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